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From Istanbul to Stockholm and West Virginia . .. .with some stops here and there . . .

From Istanbul to Stockholm and West Virginia . .. .with some stops here and there . . .


Anne and Árni met during a contemporary art fair in Istanbul. On the closing night of the fair, Anne read Árni´s tarot cards which presaged an upheaval. One hour later, their group was attacked by thieves in the street and Anne ended up paying a 5,000Euro deposit so Árni could get his arm stitched back together. After that ordeal, they remained friends and became eventual artistic collaborators—with Anne continuing to live in Istanbul, and Árni staying in Stockholm, Sweden. Undeterred by the chaos of their initial meeting, they participated together in several other art fairs in Bulgaria, Sweden, and Istanbul, before eventually falling in love and getting married. Since then, they have been up to no good.


Arni surveys his domain . . .

Arni surveys his domain . . .


is a visual and performance artist, builder and healthy eater, raised in the sea-faring nations of Iceland and the Netherlands. Now based in the US and Sweden, he loves to grow and eat vegetables from his garden.

Arni Works in a variety of mediums–from sculpture to photography and drawing. He is the co-founder of two artist-run galleries in Stockholm (Konstakuten and I:DI,) as well as one of the initiators of Supermarket: an international fair of independent artist initiatives.

Gudmundsson participates in many shows throughout Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East as both an artist and an organizer.





. . . is The Wondercabinet!

Working mainly as a performance artist as well as a performer, Anne often employs skills from her 24 years in circus (Antipodist and Wirewalker) to make both experimental work, as well as to entertain. You can also find her working with video, music, and other visual arts.

Heavily influenced by the “King of Trash”, director John Waters, 70s and 80s DIY performance, and any activity with a seamy underbelly, Anne believes that contemporary art should not be just the domain of the cultural elite.

As cofounder and co-director of Caravansarai Art Space in Istanbul Turkey, Anne initiated and organized international artistic collaborations. She has performed and exhibited in Bulgaria, China, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Germany, Poland, and the United States.