What do you mean by “contemporary” art?

Technically, “comtemporary” implies any work (be it visual, musical, performative) that is being created in the current time. But that is a more broad term. We refer to work that is non-traditional, experimental, conceptual as contemporary. We are reluctant to get into a debate about what is “art” and what isn’t, so we prefer to just say that any artist’s work that is “not traditional” is contemporary art.

Why is it art?

We know that you “ could do that”. However, you didn’t. The work is the artist’s expression of a concept they are trying to work out. That is what makes it “art” as opposed to not art. It is all about the intent going in to the creation.

What is an “Artist Multiple”?

The Art Valet offers an eclectic variety of small and limited-edition artworks (artist multiples) by local and international artists. Artist multiples are art works produced in series, according to the artist’s concept, in limited amounts, and made specifically for selling, as opposed to exhibiting. Multiples are more affordable and accessible than singular works of contemporary art.

how is a “Souvenir” different from a multiple?

Artist-designed souvenirs are different from multiples, in that the artist’s work is generally mass- printed or embedded in some recognizable object, are not limited editions (meaning they can be re-produced into infinity,) and are less expensive. The Art Valet carries both artist-designed souvenirs and artist multiples to provide a wide range of price points for customers

Can I get the art valet at my event?


Can I bring a school group for a guided tour of wayside wondercabinet?

Email anne@v4larts.com to set up a tour or workshop on a variety of topics.

What are your open hours?

At the moment, we are only open to the public during publicized events. Click here to find out where the Art Valet is, and here for events in Wayside Wondercabinet.

Contact Anne anne@v4larts.com for private bookings or appointments.